Archaeological Field School in Greece 2022

Archaeological Field School in Greece 2022

Classics 475/476: 6 credits OR Classics 601/602: 6 credits
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This application and payment system is provided for students interested in participating in the Summer 2022 CLASS 475/476 OR CLASS 601/602 (6 Credits) Archaeological Field School in Greece course, offered by the Department of History, Classics and Religion. Applicants will be accepted after an interview. For more information about the course, visit the History and Classics website or contact Prof. Margriet J. Haagsma, via email at

Application Process

  1. Download and complete the Risk Management Form, then upload the completed form when you pay your deposit.

    This is a liability waiver holding the University of Alberta and its representatives blameless for any accident that may befall you in Greece. By signing it, you are giving up all rights to sue for damages for anything that might happen to you while in Greece for the purposes of this course.

    On page 1, list the names of anyone whom you want us to be able to contact in case of emergency. If you leave these spaces blank, then we will not be able to contact your family if anything should happen to you.

    On every page, initial where indicated. On the last page, you must sign and have a witness to your signature.

  2. Download and complete the Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information Form, then upload the completed form to your application.

    This is a media release form. During the course and trip, we may take photos or videos with the intent of using them to promote the course in future years. Signing this form gives us the right to use photos or videos that include you.

  3. Complete the online application form. You will be requested to upload the above two forms as part of your online application.

Next Steps

  • The Dept. of History, Classics and Religion will contact you to confirm your acceptance into the course. (Approximately 2-4 weeks from when you submit your application and payment.)
  • Register for the course after Summer registration opens.
  • Pay the remainder of the program fee by June 15th, 2022.