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Submissions Online (formerly Subline) is a platform designed to help you manage document submissions, reviews, registrations and electronic payments for all kinds of events within one integrated environment. It provides a customizable home page for your event, as well as support for multiple tracks of document submissions and registrations. The input forms used for submissions, reviews and registrations can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Submissions Online offers document management workflows commonly used in conference and journal administration. It supports roles such as Administrator, Editor, Associate Editor, Reviewer, and Authorized Reader. Each role has a specific set of privileges, which can further be tuned to meet your needs. Submissions Online can manage submissions from their initial reception, through multiple independent reviews, to the final decision; also submissions can be published online.

Whether you need a simple registration tool or a full-fledged workflow management system, Submissions Online may be the platform for you. Please review the features below and contact us if you have any questions.


Document Submissions

  • Submissions under multiple tracks; e.g. regular papers, sessions, panels
  • Customizable submission templates
  • Required/optional fields, data validation, word-count restrictions
  • Plain text or formatted submissions
  • File uploads

Submission Review Workflows

  • Perform multiple, independent reviews per submission
  • Accept, reject, publish or embargo submissions
  • Manage administrators, editors, associate editors, reviewers, etc.
  • Customizable review templates
  • Open access for published submissions
  • Restricted access for embargoed submissions

Online Registrations

  • Fully customizable registration forms
  • Multiple types (tracks) of registrations
  • Time dependent registration rates; e.g. Early Bird registrations
  • Purchase options, which can be associated with separate price tags
  • Unique registration numbers for the ease of purchase verification
  • Automatic email confirmations

Electronic Payments

  • Secure, online payments with all major credit cards
  • Customizable receipts
  • Payment administration and refund processing
  • Transferring funds to your choice of account by speedcode

Real-time Reports

  • Submission reports
  • Review reports
  • Registration reports
  • Payment reports
  • Contact lists